I am currently designing some pages that are principally intended to be of interest to other practising CBT therapists.

Over the years I have developed a number of ideas and clinical tools that I use as part of my practice as a therapist, supervisor and trainer. From time to time I would like to publish some of these ideas here.

Before you make use of any of these ideas or tools I should point out that they have not been formally evaluated in clinical trials. I am publishing them in the hope that they will be of interest to the wider therapeutic community so that at some point their utility can be properly evaluated. In the meantime I have found them useful and hope that you will too.

If you are not a mental health professional you should be cautious about making use of these ideas, either on yourself or with other people. They are not intended to be a substitute in any way for the professional help and advice that a qualified, experienced and accredited practitioner can offer.

Please feel free to email constructive comments – I would be very happy to hear your thoughts.